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The Global Yew Immersion

The Tree of Eternity - Yggdrasil - The Yew is the oldest living being on the planet, actually capable of living forever if left to his own devices.


The Yew is here to ‘complete’ everything for us so that we are ready to step light as a feather onto the New Earth timeline where 5D consciousness is the new template for living.

 We are now entering the very final phase and working with the tree that is all that is we can learn about and work with;


 - Unconditional love

 - Non-dual awareness

 - The tree as a direct conduit to 5th Dimensional consciousness

 - The deep connection to the Archangelic realms

 - The nature of eternal existence 

 - The final culmination of all the timelines into one centrifugal space - the tree

 - How to work with High Magic from the uncontaminated space of the Higher Mind and Unconditional Love


 As with the Artemisia and Elder Immersions, we will again be working with another powerful Mayan Wave Spell - this time the Red Moon.

 The energy of this wave spell is about;

 - Universal flow

 - Spiritual Initiation 

 - Purification 

 - Emotions and the primordial waters

 - The Fulfilment  of the Rainbow Nation

 - How to harness through enchantment the power of magical flight

 - Final balancing of solar/lunar and masculine/feminine energies within ourselves

 - The Sacred Feminine and the ancient memory of the Moon Goddess - Ixchel


 This wave spell starts on the 13th of December and will cover many powerful astrological days as well including; The Winter Solstice, The three days of the still point, The New Moon In Capricorn, and the final day of this Immersion and wave spell is the return of the Light on the 25th December which this year feels more significant than ever before.



 Through a series of transmissions and instructions from different teachers, we will show how this magnificent tree has been guiding us, humans, in a process of evolution ever since we arrived here in this current form.


 Please watch this introduction to the nature of Quantum Plant Healing with the Ascended Master Zac, channeled by Janet Treloar to learn more about working with plants in this New Earth quantum modality - 

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Global Yew Immersion



The Tree of Eternity - Yggdrasil

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