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1:1 Online Mentoring

Davyd offers a special 1:1 online zoom session where he can;

- Give individual teaching and coaching on how to connect and work with plants. Working in a unique and personal way with each and every client, he tunes into what’s going on in your life and which plants are already stepping forward. He then guides you on your own individuated path with the plants that you need and that want to work with you. His teaching can include any of the following;

- learning to communicate with plants

- learning geomancy and working with earth energies and the spirits of place

- sympathetic magic 

- how to make and apply medicines 

- Offer healing advice and counseling with whatever may be going on for you. By working at the astral level he is able to quickly tune into the emotional traumas and their potential origins. If there is any actual energetic healing work that needs to be done then this would have to be in a Quantum Plant Healing session.

Price: $118 USD

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