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This is the frequently asked questions page, please read through this before contacting Davyd or an Admin with your issue. If this page does not answer your specific inquiry then please get in contact with us by either messaging us through the profile system, the button below, or the contact page!

Please See The Answers Below Before Contacting Support Or Use The Search Bar Above

I Can't See The Quantum Members Discount!

The discount code that comes with the Quantum Membership is emailed to you when you sign up and can be used on any Immersion/Workshop plan found on the specific page under the Immersion offers tab. If you no longer have that email, please contact us. 

For now you can not stack discounts but we are working on a fix.

Where Do I Go After I Have Purchased An Immersion/

After you purchase an Immersion/Workshop your account gains access to its corresponding group where all of the content is hosted. Head over to the group's tab and click Join on whichever group is tied to the content you purchased. 

I Can't Access The Group For The Immersion!

Please make sure you are logged into the site with the same email that paid for the Immersion, then you should have no trouble accessing the group associated with the Immersion. If the issue persists after you have confirmed you are logged into the site with the proper credentials, then please feel free to contact us.

I Can't Sign In To My Account Anymore!

If you can not sign into the site anymore or have forgotten your password please use the "forgot password" option on the login page, if that does not work, then please contact us.

I Can't Use 2 Discounts At Once!

Wix, as well as most other websites, do not allow you to stack discount codes, so please use whichever code gives you the best discount at the time. 


The Wix App Is Not Working!

The Wix app is not an official app for QPH, as such, we have no control over it and highly recommend using a browser to access the site rather than the app. If your phone keeps redirecting to the app instead of a browser, please delete it. 

There are plans for an official QPH app to help streamline the mobile experience, but for now, the mobile site will function far better than the Wix spaces app/Wix owner app.


The Site Keeps Failing To Load!

If you are using an Apple device (iPhone, Mac, Etc) the default browser is Safari which is severely lacking in optimization. Our site as well as many others has lots of issues when accessed through Safari and we recommend using: Chrome, Opera, Opera GX, or Firefox to access the site.


If the issue persists over multiple browsers, then please check your adblocker and internet connection as those can cause the site to time out while loading as well.


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