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Quantum Plant Healing

Working in the 5D and 4D with your astral and higher self Davyd offers a deep forensic energetic cleaning of your energy field.

Through a series of protocols and psychic surgery he can locate and remove or heal;

- Unhelpful toxic energies

- Entities

- Curses, hexes, and any dark art magic

- Past life soul traumas

- the entire energy field back to its correct size and shape for you 

- rebalance the chakras

- retune all your inner elements 

- remove any blockages or intrusions in your field

- clean and heal any rips or tears in your energy field

- re-pattern any trauma imprints


Davyd works with the Quantum intelligence of nature, especially plants, all of whom he has dieted with and formed healing alliances with. He works with the intelligence of many different plants to heal the energy field.

Each clearing takes about 2-3 hours and is done remotely in the quantum space.

You will receive a detailed email report of all the work that was done with suggestions on the next steps.

Finally about a week - ten days after the healing you have the option to have a 1:1 zoom call to talk through the report and also to check in and see how you are doing post-healing.

Price: $414 USD

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