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In this powerful plant protocol transmission Bella and Davyd give a clear set of protocols working with plant intelligence, that will allow you to repair any corrupted and /or incoherent DNA that at the energetic level will be preventing your full alignment to your higher 5D self.

About this Quantum Plant Upgrade

This process will help prepare you for many of the energies that are now both engulfing and reaching our planet as part of this great transition.


Plants and nature have shown us the way, after what we have learned in the immersions and by using Quantum Plant Intelligence.


The major plants assisting us will be: Dandelion, Fireweed, Elder, Angelica, and the Yew tree.

It is unnecessary to have the plants to do this, but if you have any of them in medicine of plant form, please feel free to intuitively work with them.


By working with a number of plants, some of them part of the previous immersions, we can identify any corrupt or incoherent energetic DNA that we may still have in our field and reorganize it and integrate it.


We will also give a short protocol for working with Horsetail and Wormwood for energy field strengthening.


This plant-assisted DNA upgrade is advanced new technology and whilst being open to anyone, will be enhanced and more effective by the integration of the wisdom and healing of the previous immersions.


This new protocol will also be easier with the use of a pendulum, rods, or similar tools.

This protocol we hope will address many of the issues that many of you are currently facing, and will allow us all to step onto the New Earth timeline fully.


We have been guided to offer this at $90 USD and you will be able to access it whenever and however many times you want to.

Best Value




Quantum Plant Upgrade

Valid until canceled

Access to the QPU Group

Learn to Clear your Field

Learn to Release Core Wounds

Repair incoherent or corrupted DNA

Fix the toroidal field and align the chakras

Deal with the latest energetic toxins

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