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The Global Quantum Plant Tribe

Welcome to the Quantum Plant Healing Membership options!

One of the major themes and intentions of Quantum Plant Healing was always to create a global outreach program, through which to share teachings and help like-minded people to connect and share.

Memberships Info

Over the last few years, we have all been forced to adapt to how we communicate with each other. We have learned how to use the microchip technology to work for us and connect us to all 4 corners of Mother Earth.

As part of the great shift to higher frequency consciousness many of us are now starting to experience a different way of seeing, being, and living. One that is based on a nondual, unconditional love 5th Dimensional perspective.

Through our initial plant immersions, a group emerged that wanted to continue the journey and keep learning. The new Quantum monthly membership option is the next step up for those who wish to continue to have monthly quantum plant teachings that fuse plant medicine with astrology, art, and indigenous wisdom.


There is also a long-term project that is already underway here in Mexico that in the near future will enable us to again teach plant wisdom in person but in the meantime, we have learned to be more quantum in our approach to everything including how we share and teach and connect.

Through working with plants at this quantum level we can also start to develop and expand our higher mind skills which include connections between ourselves 

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When you sign up for the free site membership you will be able to;

- Access to QPH Members Group where you can join a once-a-month live call where we will discuss the important themes and issues that we are seeing and feeling and offer solutions to challenges. 

- Catch up on replays of the live calls at your leisure

- Message other members through the internal messaging system to create important connections for medicines, projects, and more

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