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Yarrow and Throat Chakra Mini-Immersion 

After the exploits of the Dandelion, Artemisias, and Elder Immersions, one of the major themes that emerged was just how many of us have felt or still feel ’silenced’ or unable to ’speak our truth’

The throat chakra is the place in the human body and energy system where the metaphysical meets the physical. Also known as the Shaman chakra, the front, and rear throat chakras are often overlooked in comparison to other chakras but are an important component in our energetic system which is where we are able to receive, process, and express the energies coming to us from the broader terrain around us.    


The rear throat chakra or the Psychic chakra as its sometimes called is where we receive all the energetic impulses from our environment. The throat is then where we store that intel before bringing it into a manifest expression through the word.  If we have blockages or distortions in this chakra we will find it difficult to either speak our truth coherently or even be able to speak up at all.     


Yarrow - Achillea Millefolium is an incredibly powerful plant that can help us clear our throat chakras, and bring balance to how we receive and express this important point.  


The magic of Yarrow is ‘Intentional Restraint’, and we will be looking at how this efficient use of energy at the Quantum level can help us get better at using conscious language.    


In this mini-Immersion, we will once again be teaming up with a number of the wider QPH team to deliver a series of transmissions that will help paint the gestalt or story that Yarrow wants to share with us about how to heal this important chakra and indeed assist us in other ways too.  There will also be a live call at the start and end of the 5 days to allow for sharing and questions.    


This mini-immersion will build on all 3 of the previous Long Immersions but will also support the other two mini-workshops coming up before the Yew Immersion.    


The Plants are preparing us to meet the Tree of Eternity where we will get to present our own personal New Earth Manifestos to Yggdrasil - the Yew. To do this we need to be; centered, aligned in our hearts, with clear terrains, and free of unresolved karmas but able to express ourselves clearly and coherently as we prepare to make the journey into non-dual awareness or 5D consciousness.    

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Yarrow Immersion

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