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The Rainbow Bridge Journey

A 13-day shamanic ceremonial journey of clearing, soul retrieval, and reversal of medication and injection toxins and effects.

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Ancient prophecy and astrology always suggested that Spring 2020 was likely to be an initiation point into the final phases of the ending of this epoch, and the ushering in of a New Earth. Humanity had come to a choice point, as the Age of Aquarius beckoned. Many of us had been dreaming of a return to nature and a deeper connection to Mother Earth, whilst others applauded the continuation of Artificial Intelligence and Pharmaceutical programs and pathways.


Now 3 years on, it's clear that the human population has been subjected to a seemingly unending series of unpleasant physical, psychological, and energetic hardships. Each one is designed to further weaken our immune systems, and amplify any underlying and pre-existing conditions. Simultaneously working on any emotional vulnerabilities or traumas that we may have had, therefore attempting to hijack our spiritual evolution.


Some of us had been preparing for some sort of event like this for years, lifetimes even, and so the unfolding story and narrative of the pandemic never felt genuine or real.


Beginning in 2020 and continuing throughout these last three and a half years there has been a deep psychological war waged for the minds and bodies of the human race. This resulted in many people feeling the need to accept the experimental injections, often against their better judgment.


As a Quantum Energy Healer Davyd started working on vaccinated clients with a process that he received from his plant allies and that he then got validated by 26th Dimensional Master Zacharia, channeled by Janet Treloar. Through working with hundreds of clients over the last 3 years, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, he was able to learn and experience many things at the astral level about how the bigger picture process was affecting people at the individual level. He also began to see many patterns across the clearings he did, particularly the vaccinated where there were often the same high levels of unhelpful energies, programs, distortions, high energetic toxicity, and soul loss. In most cases, the energetic component of the immune system was often highly compromised which was manifesting in the physical through a myriad of conditions and illnesses.


This journey and healing process will also address the very serious issues of the shedding effects from the experimental injections, which have affected (and infected) almost everyone at some point. A series of energetic and detoxing protocols will be provided to help deal with all the associated unhelpful energies, beings, and physical toxins.


The Rainbow Bridge Journey will take place over 13 days working with Mayan Magic, quantum plant intelligence, and astrology, Bella, Davyd, and a team of healers and teachers will take you on a personal healing journey of remembrance. Through a series of transmissions, protocols, live calls, and finally a personal healing ceremony they will guide you to becoming a centered, aligned, and fully conscious multi-dimensional being.


The journey will work with the Mayan wave spell of the Blue Magnetic Monkey which is connected to the energies of innocence, magic, and the inner child. This is where our journey will take us, back to that childlike place of awe, amazement, and inspiration to play and create. Our 5th-dimensional consciousness.

The astrology of the moment will be woven in as well to include the amazing healing and manifestation energies available at this time and to work with the powerful Cancer Solstice.


As part of the journey, there will be a powerful personal healing ceremony which will also include if necessary the Medication Reversal Protocols that Davyd and Bella have developed in order to deal with the effects of the experimental injections.

We will be working with a number of plants throughout but primarily we will be working with the healing re-aligning energies of the Artemisia family. There will also be other plants used in a detoxing blend that will help assist us in many aspects of the journey.


During these 13 days you will;

  • -Work on any remaining shadow you may have

  • -Cleanse the body and energy field of unhelpful parasitic attachments and energies

  • -Detox heavy metals, graphene, and injection toxins from the body and energy field

  • -Remove any old ancestral and karmic patterns and contracts

  • -Work on any core wounds that remain

  • -Repair any incoherent or corrupted DNA you may have

  • -Activate your DNA fully, connecting you to your cosmic self

  • -If necessary reverse any permissions given for experimental injections and do the Medication Reversal Process (MRP) that undoes all the inverted energy and side-effects at the energy body level.

  • -Learn how to rebuild, repair realign and direct your energy body consciously to maintain a more constant high vibration

  • -Journey to call back any soul fragments that you may have lost

  • -Elevate your immune system by working with powerful plants

  • -Learn how to take others through an MRP process


Through the completion of the journey, you will be able to assist other friends, family, and loved ones to also go through this MRP, especially if you are already a healer and there will be many tools and protocols shared to assist in everyday energy hygiene.


Total investment - $333


'To the Underworld and Back - A Healing Journey with the Jab' With Healer Becca Hotopf and Quantum Plant Alchemist Davyd Farrell


Part of the inspiration to create this journey and share these processes was a healing that Davyd did with one of his clients, a Spiritual Healer called Becca Hotopf. In this insightful and heartfelt interview, Becca shares her experiences as a healer who took two of the injections and went on a deep and painful journey with the effects of the 2nd one before she met Davyd. He worked with her using the above protocols and assisted Becca in returning back fully to herself after as she described it - a complete disconnection from the source. This a powerful tale that is probably similar to many and so hopefully will inspire many of you to know that there is always a solution.


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The Rainbow Bridge Journey



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