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The Global Elder Immersion

The Wise old crone - the Elder tree steps up now to be the 3rd in the sequence of 4 Immersions that the plants have given us to guide us through this great transition.


First, there was Dandelion who helped ground us, keep us present and in our noble Leonine hearts. Then came the Artemisia clan who helped guide us through our own shadows, helping to align us and ‘incorruptible’ and help open up our own personal meridian or dragon lines.

These two Immersions helped bring us to a place of balance; Solar and Lunar, Masculine and Feminine, External and Internal, present and aligned.


Now we are ready to meet the Wise old Elder Mother. The artemisias are a Witch or Gypsy Moon Queen Tribe but the Elder Tree is the boss when it comes to Magic.

Intimately connected with Death and Rebirth this tree can show us how to;


- Understand the intimate connection between life and death and the transition space in between

- Work with powerful higher magic for positive effects and healing

- Help Other beings cross the veil as a ‘Psychopomp’ 

- Reveal the unseen, especially in the astral realms

- How to hold your space in the Astral realms and learn to navigate your way in that space.

- Further develop our sense of Incorruptibility given to us by the Artemisias

- Develop with the Wise Inner Crone within ourselves 

- Benefit from its powerful medicine at a physical level

- Prepare for the onset of Winter and the deep dive into the Void


As with the Artemisia Immersion, we will again be working with another powerful Mayan Wave Spell - this time the Red Magnetic Earth.

The energy of this wave spell is about;

- Working with and completing any last remnants from the White Mirror wave spell we just completed with the Artemisias 

- Working with Mother Earth's energy

- The essence of synchronicity and the power of navigation

- The Spiritual Initiators and the action of how ’to evolve’

- Connecting back to the Ancestors 


This wave spell will cover many powerful astrological days as well including; 

- Saturn Square Uranus direct 

- The Partial Solar eclipse on the New Moon

- Samhain

- Day of the Dead


This is a very powerful time of the year, and this year especially is critical and pivotal in the Great Shift. It's the Death of the Old Paradigm and the Transition to the New Earth.


The Elder Mother is a master at working with the energies of this time of the year and the Scorpio season.


Through a series of transmissions and instructions from different teachers, we will show how we can both work with this tree as medicine in the body and also at the spiritual level.


Please watch this introduction to the nature of Quantum Plant Healing with the Ascended Master Zac, and channeled by Janet Treloar to learn more about working with plants in this New Earth quantum modality -

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