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I don't know if I'm repeating myself here. What I was writing disappeared, so I figured maybe I put it in the wrong place - it's probably obvious that I'm a bit clueless when it comes to social media! So if that turns up somewhere, please excuse the repetition, because in case I somehow deleted it, I'm going to write it all again!

I haven't done the Dandelion Immersion, but Dandelion and I are old friends and I'd really like to share this latest experience with him, it was so delightful.

Last Friday, I had a dream in which I was in some kind of all-white, including shop assistants, clothing store. There were no customers and the shop assistants were trying on all the clothes. I was dressed in black and just watching. A sad-looking homeless man came in, also dressed in black, and asked one of the assistants, 'Do you have a bit of fish?' She said no and wanted him to leave, so I said, 'Come on, I'll buy you breakfast.' Then I woke up.

The following day, I was walking through town with one of my sons who had just taken me for lunch, and I suddenly noticed a homeless man coming towards us amongst the people walking ahead of us. He was dressed in some kind of army great coat, looking quite dapper, albeit rather grubby. He made a point of looking at my son and me and giving us a huge smile that was so open and warm and playful he almost seemed to glow. I remarked to my son about the dream, but that was all at the time.

Later that night, Dandelion parked himself in my psyche and I remembered the homeless man, smiling and glowing in my memory of him. Then the delightful synchronicities clicked into place, showing me a little cosmic jig: in the dream the homeless man asked for a bit of fish; the next day I was walking with my son, who is a Leo, born July 25th, which is, I believe (Bella, please correct me if I'm wrong) the Mayan Day out of Time, and we had just had fish for lunch (which I rarely eat, as I'm primarily vegetarian) when the smiling homeless guy came along looking like a sunny personification of Dandelion.

It made me laugh, which Dandelion often does, while he brings an experience that synchronises mind and heart, and this play of synchronicities showed me the colourlessness of our everyday perception of a 3D world of polarity and duality by comparison with the glorious breadth of a world in which we do not live in separation from any expression of life, which is actually the world we live in, if we did but know it.

If you made it to the end, thank you for reading this.😊

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