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Hello, I would like to share my interpretation of the current planetary energies:

It may feel super intense tonight when the moon transits the last few degrees of Capricorn and squares her nodes in conjunction with Pluto. We may feel pulled to the past and to the future at the same time. Our external world will show us where we're out of alignment, especially in situations where we still feel powerless. We can choose to either stay in victimhood and continue to give our power away to whoever we think is running our lives in the background, or we can reclaim our power and step fully into our sovereignty, as governors of our own lives.

When the moon cojoins Pluto tonight, it will also activate the YOD aspect between Pluto, Neptune, Venus retrograde, Black Moon Lilith and Mercury. This was tight on Friday when Pluto was exactly squaring the nodes. This YOD may bring up a lot of uncomfortable dissonance. Venus retrograde (who is also ruling the south node in Libra), wants to show us where we are still sacrificing our values, needs and desires. Maybe we don't even know what we want. Where are we betraying our own hearts in order to be accepted, seen or loved, or to maintain the status quo? Any people pleasing, superficial, shallow behaviours in self or other will become more obvious and uncomfortable. Codependence, especially based on lack mentality will reveal where we still don't see our own value and potential - where we don't believe in our ability to re-source ourselves. Black Moon Lilith in Leo wants to show us where we are still dimming our light and keeping ourselves small, perhaps as a result of being previously dismissed, misunderstood, blamed, shamed, mocked, not believed or gaslighted. And if we have ever turned a blind eye to others being treated this way, perhaps to preserve our own safety and security, we may become more aware of this with these energies.

Neptune in the YOD wants us to remember our interconnectedness. Our external world is just a mirror, showing us exactly what's happening internally. YODS require an adjustment from every aspect/angle, but this adjustment needs to happen internally.

To transmute the energies in a YOD, the most important part is sitting in the dissonance and feeling it fully and consciously, even though we perhaps can't work out what feels off. The source of the tension will become apparent later and the energies can then be transcended.

This super full moon is conjunct with Chariklo, who is making a beautiful Air trine aspect with asteroids Vesta and Ceres. Together these light bringing goddesses provide a safe, quiet space in the very centre of the heart, in the space between the in breath and out breath. They can provide a beautiful golden hammock held up with Chariklo's strings of grace, where we can be gently rocked or just suspended and wrapped in light✨

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