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Hi Everyone, I posted the following on the Elder Immersion 2 days ago but with the intensity of energies right now, I wonder if it could be helpful here in the general group. I may have used it with children, but it works beautifully with adults too...

Aloha everyone Wednesday, 8th November, was my Day 13 with the Elder Immersion. The closing video was amazing, with much sharing about experiences I related to, so thank you to everyone on that call in November'22 After a beautiful walk with my plant allies, by a summer lake this morning (in Western Australia) I feel to share a process that I hope is helpful... I used to live somewhere very beautiful, and very powerful with energy lines and elementals. We, my husband and I, had two young, and sensitive children. This is the empowering process I used with them, to move beyond fear with these energies With whatever medium appeals to you, markers, paint, charcoal, etc, draw your anxiety, fear, dark thoughts... Often we are drawn to dark, or intense colours at this stage. When you feel you have expressed this dark energy, look at the picture you have intuitively created. Find something in it that feels lighter than the darkness expressed. It may even be a point of light breaking up the 'heavy' image. Breathe in that light (it doesn't have to be bright) somewhere in the picture that feels lighter than the rest... From this energy, draw another image. It may still feel dark, but this is progressive, a journey, rather than a destination. The next image may feel lighter, or, it may still feel 'dark'. When you feel you have expressed as much as you can , look at the image, with love as best you can, and... you guessed it, find the lightest spot and connect with the energy and express it with markers or paint, etc. Welcome, as best you can, both the darker and lighter elements of the image, expanding into the lightest, brightest part... be aware of any shifts in your bodymind. This process tends to come to a natural completion which is totally intuitive, because it has come from within you. You can return to this process whenever you feel to. This is a good process to do with your children in these scary times. If they experience you doing it with them, they feel safe and held... Many Blessings xx

Sam Voyager
Sonia Dodridge


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