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Live Call to QPH Tribe - Monday October 2nd, 11am, CT, USA

This call will be for all our QPH Tribe members and we will be looking at many of the things going on right now.

- The energies of the astrology

- How its effecting people

- How to navigate the lower frequency energy by working with the plants and the protocols

- More detailed information on Rainbow Bridge and the Rainbow Warriors

- Sharing from some of the Rainbow Warriors

- Project 144 - our 3D manifestation project for 2023 to bring at least 144 of our Tribe together in person

- Further details on the current Mayan Wave spell we are in and how the next week looks when we map it out energetically

- How to use all the tools at our finger tips to create the reality that we each want for ourselves

- Tuesday 3rd October is day of Intention with the 4th being day of Manifestation. Working as a group we can set powerful intentions for instant manifestation

Here is the live link for that call

The last few Tribe calls have been very poorly attended. We are not sure why but we hope to see as many of you as possible on Monday to check in with you all.

We had a very powerful call yesterday with our Rainbow Warriors with really strong support and group energy and we want to transmit as much of that as possible to the wider Tribe too.

October looks to be the pivotal month in this whole unfolding process

Full Moon blessings everyone

Debra (in CA gold country) 🍀
Alfred + Soarriya
Jane GW
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