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I thought I’d share one of the ways I communicate with the plant spirits to decide which I should work with either with herbs for a health symptom e.g. a cough - or for plant spirit diets. Tarot. My Shadowscapes tarot, which is described as Celtic/ elven/ elemental/ fantasy artwork, seems to have a strong resonance with the plants. For a diet, I ask the spirit to share something of themselves and I’ve found that I will always get this combination in a three card spread. 1) A Court card- generally kings or queens (sometimes page or knight). If I’ve not worked with the spirit before and don’t know them, represent the plant or tree. If I know them well already I tend to get another minor arcana 2) a minor arcana showing what they can help with 3) a major arcana showing the major resonance or theme we’ll be working with. If I don’t get a major arcana I postpone the diet until we are at resonance at this deep level and work with a different plant instead. Healing herbs for general health may give a Court card but generally not major arcana cards. But the readings are always deeply helpful and often point to unexpected areas that healing may be facilitated. Hope this inspires some of you to get out your decks and get chatting 💚🌿

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