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Meditation with Water

The Summer meditation is online now

by the authors of Dancing with Water

Listen to the Meditation ›

This meditation takes you on a cleansing journey to a dense forest during a summer rainstorm, with the opportunity to send love and healing to mistreated water wherever you encounter it.

It was inspired recently as Melanie's husband took a photo of a small town water tower with dozens of cell phone, microwave and 5G antennas plastered to it. The water inside was being exposed to so much radiation, it was difficult to imagine how it was even alive at all -- or what the townsfolk were dealing with having to drink it. We know there are many towers in this same predicament and although the ultimate solution to to remove the antennas, the good news is that healing love can make a difference. Join us in this meditation for mistreated water.

MJ and Melanie

Kathy Cee
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