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Hi Tribe! Davyd & Bella agreed to be my guests! Okay, they're not coming to Scotland yet BUT they contributed to my online series of conversations exploring our current evolution. Evolving Ways of Knowing (EWOK) 2023 is an online collection of recorded conversations that explore how our ways of knowing evolve as we integrate generations of trauma that have tied us to the surface layers of physical reality through.

TODAY and TOMORROW the dialogue with our own committed pioneers of plant and planet Davyd Farrell & Bella Alvaran is LIVE. You'll learn more about Davyd & Bella and their experience and perspectives of and on education. Their dialogue is as always (r)evelational and (r)evolutional.

You can access it TODAY and TOMORROW by registering FREE at: Evolving Ways of Knowing: Dialogues to Transforming Trauma (

We speak about:

- Our experience with education and authority and not fitting the mold - 'Humble' plants like nettle, dandelion and their intelligence - Rigid, commercial systems Vs Responsive, Nurturing Models - Left & Right brain capabilities and Reimagining Education - Brain frequency up to 7 years of age & how it replays throughout life - Hitting a peak in the corporate world and feeling empty - The role of astrology in illuminating the personal blueprints of our children - Allowing and supporting choice for our children - The technology of plants and the elements and our heart as the key

Sam Voyager
Kat Collette
Becca, LightMySoul London


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