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Hello everyone,

I can't believe I'm back again so soon since I've never really done this before. My moon is in Scorpio so I have always loved solitude and disliked talking about myself. But that master magician Dandelion is overwhelming me - in a good way, naturally! - and I feel him dancing around me, egging me on. He has been front and centre of me for the past few days, which is not surprising since it was my birthday on Sunday, with the full moon in Leo, of course, and it being Imbolc. I'm now 78 years old, and my experience since being brought to QPH by Elder Mother has taken some interesting turns and shone a light on my life, which is probably why Dandelion, whom Davyd considers the architect and overseer of QPH, is urging me to share this.

It is not about me, personally; I can take no credit whatsoever for what I'm going to say because it was/is all in my DNA, as Dandelion has pointed out. It's about the plants and trees and Dandelion is using my life as an example, since I've lived a lot of years, so I do have to give a bit of background for context.

I was born and grew up in a post-war world far less aware in many ways than this one, with much less free-flowing information. My parents were very conventional while at the same time very intuitive and when I was about 4 years old they bought a piece of land that extended our garden. They had both grown up in cities but never chose to live in one in adulthood, and they were ace at growing things. The land they bought was not cultivated; it had a magnificent oak tree, hazel trees, fruit trees and masses of bluebells, and my parents left it that way for my brothers and me. My response to the freedom and energy of wild plants was probably immediate and I began to feel the different energies and sense they were beings. I absolutely loved them all and I became aware that I had an inner world. It was all very confusing at the time and I had no words to express any of it, but I had the feeling that I shouldn't talk about it anyway, so I never did. By the time I was about 8, I'd had quite a few mystical experiences and so was not surprised or scared when I was walking down our street one day and part of the suburban world of houses and pavement dissolved and I saw into another world - a very beautiful, natural world. It was not a vision; it was a physical world I saw with my physical eyes; a world that I instantly knew was more real and true than the one I was in, and I intended to find my way into it but assumed I had to be an adult to know how to get there.

All of that childhood experience was courtesy of the plants ; they were teaching me, although I didn't realise it. That view into another world showed me that the reality I was in was not the only physical reality existing in the present moment - Dandelion was at work! What it also did was give me a vastly expanded view of life and the mysteriousness of it. Most of all, it taught me, in that brief moment, to trust life, and I have never lost that trust, no matter what has happened. And that is Dandelion's point: we can trust life; it will never let us down because we are inextricably entwined with the plant world and Middle Earth in every moment, no matter what we humans mistakenly create out of lack of awareness. The plant world is in us, in our DNA, unconditionally giving us whatever we need whether we know it or not. Now Davyd and Bella have given us the tools to realise so much it is remarkable beyond words.

When I did the Elder Immersion, Elder Mother showed me the same thing: how she had been there at every difficult turning pont in my life, helping me to let go of the old and surrender into a re-birth. Now, I'm doing the Yew Immersion, and in his very stately and detached way he is re-directing me continually to Angelica because he has been with me through many years of releasing ancestral Karma.

I knew none of this consciously, but now I do and I'm finally finding my way into that beautiful world I saw when I was 8. My gratitude to the plants, and to Davyd and Bella knows no bounds. My gratitude also goes to everyone in this community for being there.

Sam Voyager
wendy felstead
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