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We seem to be on a water kick. lol

I am catching up with the posts over the last several months and came across a reply in March from Sara with an interview link for a talk between Pam Gregory and Magenta Pixie that I think would be important to share with the whole group (not sure if everyone saw it embedded in a reply and not an actual post that goes out to everyone). Anyway I wanted to repost it here for everyone. Hope it works, just going to copy & paste.

Mar 20 Replying tomysticswan Oh yes, thankfully it is worth the challenges to get there! From there i was inspired to revisit the interview between Pam Gregory and Magenta a month ago, if you have not already seen it, it is also on Magenta's page but this link should work too: Sending love and Equinox blessings Sara Like Reply 2 Likes

snowmanland22 hours ago Replying tosara Warning: I am going to use the adverb "so" a ridiculous amount of times. I am so glad you posted this interview! I am so excited about the content of this talk. I am so delighted that this information is spreading. I have been aware of the importance and significance of water for several years now. The more I learn the more I am amazed. I completely agree with Magenta and have often thought myself that water is Source in liquid form! And I want to point out that her channeling is correct in that we are right NOW in New Earth and that we also right NOW have access to this wonderful pure structured water! For those interested in learning more about this very relevant and important topic I would like to list some avenues for further research in the form of names, books and site links (a couple are mentioned in the interview): To peak your interest: Dr. Masaru Emoto - The Hidden Messages in Water (book) Veda Austin - The science of water: Dr. Gerald Pollock - The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor (book) Dr. Tom Cowan (many podcasts, interviews and information) Dr. Tom CowanDr. Tom Cowan Practical application in our lives: HomeWATER - THE ESSENCE OF LIFE Aǹalemma is a revolutionary tool that powerfully enhances the properties, quality and the effects of drinking water by transforming it into a coherent, liquid crystalline state. Benefits of Aǹalemma Flaska EUFlaska is a glass water bottle that changes the vibrational structure of water. Find out more about structured water. Deep within each of us is a longing to dance with the water... - Dancing with WaterDancing with Water Twistedsage StudiosTwistedsage Studios is the World Leader in Affordable Energy Tools For Consciousness Shifting And Tensor Field Technology. Like Reply

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