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The QPH Tribe

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Hola Tribe!

A heads up on the next live Call for all our QPH Tribe Members

Friday 18th August, 11am, CST, Mexico

This has been a very powerful few weeks and we are still in the energy of Venus Retro, Venus Star Point and we have a New Moon/Black Moon Lilith flash point double header on Wednesday.

Some of us also have just completed the powerful Quest to the Quantum Heart

This time we are in is all about the Return of the Goddess, the rebalancing of the energies on the planet and giving ourselves the space and time to find whats in our hearts, what our divine plan for ourselves is and allowing the Goddess fully into our being.

We will be looking at all of this and more.

Hope to see many of you on the call.

Venus blessings

Davyd and Bella 🦁🌼🌈💛🐯

Becca, LightMySoul London
Geraldine Mihok
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