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Hi tribe, I woke in the night and still groggy and tired became aware of sensations in my body. I knew that I was feeling my nervous system. Not so long ago all feelings in my physicality freaked me out, but because of all that I now know, particularly the information that Davyd shared about the body having all of its own separate intelligence systems and the need for all of these different systems to be listened to, respected and honoured, I tuned in. And now I know how hard my body has worked to try to communicate with me effectively always.

I never heard before or worse attempted to block out the messages I was receiving because I was afraid that these messages were dangerous to me. I was horrified that parts of my body were" behaving badly".

Last night I listened, and I told my nervous system that I was sorry I didn't listen and that I appreciate all that it ever did for me and that I know now my error. And I said thank you.

As a whole our society has been schooled to override, ignore and completely disrespect our bodies. Phrases like "mind over matter" and "survival of the fittest" come to mind, and the knowledge that we are taught that whenever we have physical discomfort the ruling health institution prescribes pills and potions to numb us. Over the years I have been scolded several times for not taking the medication I was told I needed by my " health professional ".

Today I am truly grateful that I was distrustful. And even more grateful to have found QPH and a truly holistic approach to Healing. I'm glad to finally be in right relationship with my body.

Blessings everyone 🙏 Gaynor.

Lorraine Gonzales
Davyd Farrell
Tina Henshall
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