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This is another Dandelion story. What's not to love about this guy!? 😍 He's always magically bringing sunshine and laughter. The first story I told about him was about 3 weeks ago when I was doing the Yew Immersion and he came into it the day before the full moon in Leo on my birthday. That birthday has proved to be a re-birth day! The Yew Immersion was a huge heart-opening experience , and a story all its own; I'm still in the integration process. But just to add a note to the first story, for those who read it: the fish was Dandelion's pointer to Pisces and the Nettle Immersion, which Davyd hadn't yet announced at the time.

Anyway, on the last day of the immersion I went to spend some time with the two Yew trees I'd been drawn to, and to ask if I could take seeds and a cutting from each one. Later, as I was leaving, I saw a wine bottle on the grass so I picked it up to throw away in the proper place. Much to my surprise, it was almost full, as if it had been laid down on the grass so that only a little had spilled out of it. Then I noticed it was sparkling wine and the word 'celebration' dropped into my mind. I just knew this had to be Dandelion's doing and asked if we were celebrating. I got a very clear 'yes'! I had to laugh - such a shame I couldn't drink it - as I did a celebratory shaking of the bottle and poured the wine into the plant kingdom. It was the QPH community's successful partnership with the plants that Dandelion was celebrating. We humans must be doing a good job! And thanks, as always, go to Davyd, Bella and Josh.

Love to everyone.

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