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Hello Ladies; I have reached out to both Sam and Dayvd about the inspiration shared during our Cosmic Kids Zoom call this afternoon. I am best at receiving insight on how to frame big ideas/projects into fruition and then leaving details, especially the techy things, to others. I believe we all have gotten to where we are with eperiential knowledge, skill sets, and passions to make QHP something amazing and HUGE so like they say, "It's all in the details". We are going to learn sooo much from eachother for the same cause and all it takes is the KNOW-ledge and courage to share our passions.

Respecting how big this sub-group and potential sub-set of QHP could get with regards to managing a virtual school-based learning library not just for kids, but for the peripheral audience supporting young lives; I think what came to me needs to be flushed out a little. Then someone can share how that may look either on our next Zoom Call or monthly call with Davyd for that matter so everyone knows what is brewing.

So awesome to be part of this and to get to know my family across the world!

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