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Davyd Farrell
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QPH Tribe Live Call - Tuesday 21st November, 12.30pm, CT

Following on from the recent video Davyd and Bella put out 'The Matrix is Broken' there will be a live call to discuss some of the themes in that video and also to take a pulse on the energy of the wider Tribe.

Its been a while since we have been able to do this due to personal mission code commitments which we will also share more about.

The Eclipse season was full on and it doesnt look like things are going to let up energetically for a while. In fact, many people have been experiencing a number of different symptoms and we have also observed a lot going on for the collective on our travels which we would like to share.

As always we want to hear from you too and feel into what timelines people are experiencing.

Due to the donation based offers on our first 4 plant immersions on the path we have greatly increased the number of people walking the QPH Plant path and we would like to hear how are you are all getting on with that too.

We look forward to connecting with you all again.

The link for this live call is -

PS - We now have a QPH Tribe Telegram Group which everyone in the QPH Tribe can join - The group is called - Quantum Plant Healing (QPH) Tribe so please do check that out too if you use Telegram.

Davyd Farrell
Cassandra C-K


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