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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone knows of any plant medicines connected to Uranus. I noticed a couple of months ago that every time Uranus has changed houses in my natal chart, a different trauma relating to that house has come up to be healed. During those transits, I remember feeling misunderstood by everyone around me, almost like were were suddenly from different timelines, which added the trauma. I wonder if I actually shifted timelines or went somewhere else.

Uranus has crossed my 5th/6th house cusp twice in the last few months and will cross it again soon after he goes direct. Its been quite a ride. So, in anticipation of another possible shock or timeline jump, I've been trying to connect with Uranus recently to heal my traumas, my nervous system and help me retrieve any lost soul pieces, by looking at the transit charts from back then. I would love to know about some herbs that might support trauma/nervous system healing. I have been doing crystal soundbaths for the past year and drinking the crystal-infused water from them which has been quite transformational. I have some chamomile tincture almost ready and have been using holy basil since the yew immersion. I'm not sure if they are connected with Uranus. Can anyone help? Many thanks.

Mary Roland
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