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I hope it's ok that I post this here. I just know that this is the right group of people to be informed of things like this. Attention all activists! This came through my inbox from Jocelyn Star Feather of Sacred Planet:

Dear Catherine,

I hope you are having a lovely Full Moon in Sagittarius weekend 💖

I am writing to you today to rally our hearts and energies together for an important cause – Preserving the forest!

There is a magical forest area in Asheville, NC – Right across the street from my friend Tayria Ward’s home – That is in danger of being cut down.

A large development company from some big city wants to cut down all of the trees, which of course means all of the birds and squirrels and bears and insects and other animals would lose their home too ...

And put in 42 townhouses, packed close together so they can fit as many homes in there as possible.

Tayria and I have sat outside on her porch on so many evenings, enjoying the exquisite beauty of this forest area. The birds call to one another as the sun sets; the lightning bugs light up the night in the summer; and the sun glistens on the leaves of the many different species of trees.

When I went walking next through this forest the other day, I felt the MAGIC within it. I felt the sheer power, agency, and willpower of the forest – Wanting to STAY.

Wanting to be WHOLE.

Wanting to continue being a HOME for all of the beautiful beings who live there.

But the builders are making another push now. They have actually increased the number of townhomes from 20 (the earlier plan) to 42, and they are stating their intent to begin construction soon.

So I am asking for your heartfelt support.

The builders are required to schedule a community meeting. But rather than having an in-person meeting, which would be the proper & high-integrity way to do it ...

They have decided to have a virtual meeting (through Microsoft Teams, which is similar to Zoom).

So Tayria and I had an idea. And we are inviting YOU to take part in it.

What if hundreds of people from all around the world, join this Zoom call and stand for the forest?

What if by our sheer numbers we tell them, NO WAY!

You do not have our permission to devastate this ecosystem. You do not have our consent to remove this forest.

If you are feeling called to support this cause ~ To STAND FOR THE FOREST ~ From wherever you live in the world ~ Join us!


Here are the details:

Villas at Pinecroft – Townhome Development Meeting

Wednesday, June 7th at 2 pm Los Angeles / 5 pm New York / 10 pm UK / 11 pm CET

Thursday, June 8th at 7 am Melbourne / 9 am Auckland

CLICK HERE on June 7th to register, and you will receive a link to join.


The Instructions to Join are Explained in More Detail Below (because they're being sneaky):

Making this even worse! ~ They are creating extra hoops for people to jump through in order to even join the virtual community meeting. Rather than simply providing a Zoom link, they have created a complicated registration process.

This means that many of the local residents who truly care about this forest (and the future of their own community) but who may not be super skilled with technology, will not be able to join. This is sneaky and unfair! Instead of having an in-person community meeting where they would need to look into our eyes, they are having a virtual meeting that they hope barely anyone will attend.

Let's show them that we care about this forest, and show up in record numbers!!

Here are the steps to join us:

Go to THIS LINK on June 7th to register for the event.

They will send you the link to join ONLY if you register here on June 7th. (The form to register will not be open until June 7th, so come back to the link on that day to register!)

Once you have registered, go to the Microsoft Teams link that they'll provide. Microsoft Teams is similar to Zoom.

The meeting is happening on:

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 at 2 pm Los Angeles / 5 pm New York / 10 pm UK / 11 pm CET

Thursday, June 8th at 7 am Melbourne / 9 am Auckland

Catherine, let's WOW them on June 7th with the number of people who show up!!!

I will be on the call on June 7th, and hope to see you there too.

Much love,

Jocelyn Star Feather

Founder of Sacred Planet

P.S. ~ If you are an experienced architect or a Land Use Attorney who could help us to make a strong case against this very poorly planned construction project, please reply to this email and let me know. In addition to harming the forest, this project would cause massive traffic issues on the tiny roads that go in & out of this part of Asheville; water supply & water pressure issues for the people already living in the neighborhood; and other major concerns. If you are educated in these matters, and preferably if you practice Land Use Law in the United States,please reach out to me and I will get you connected with the leaders & decision-makers of our Asheville community.



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