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Interview Exclusive

Davyd and Bella interview Caroline Mansfield - a naturopath about her work with graphene oxide in the blood

In this powerful and startling presentation Caroline shows us what she has discovered in the blood of the vaccinated and how its severely effecting everyones health and immune systems.

We first released this interview a few days ago inside the Rainbow Bridge as our group was cleansing this material from their body and spirit.

Now that the spells and illusion of the Plandemic and Jab are being fully revealed and disclosed everywhere many of us are working now on active solutions to reverse the damaging effects of the injections.

The Rainbow Bridge has just taken a group of people very successfully through this process offering many hundreds of millions of people hope.

Graphene is continually accumulating in our system due to its prevalence in our world but its very harmful and toxic to humans. We advise all Tribe Members to do a Rainbow Bridge detox sooner rather than later as this problem is effecting us all right now whether directly from the injections or from the shedding.

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