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I meant to share this podcast episode I recorded with an shamanic elder in our community a while back. Another insightful perspective into this process and experience, and I love how she was guided into quantum plant consciousness throughout her life as well.

Archetypes & Attunement with Lorna Bailey by Grow Free with Emma B
Archetypes & Attunement with Lorna Bailey by Grow Free with Emma B
Archetypes and attunement are resources that are significantly affected by trauma and key to moving beyond it.  Attunement can be described and experienced in many ways.  It is essentially our ability to receive, feel and respond to the flow of energy or information within and around us.  I love how Thomas Hubl describes attunement.When we are carrying significant trauma burdens however, which most of us are, our internal system has us pinched off from direct sensory experience.  A mechanism that kicked in when we first experienced something too overwhelming – in this lifetime or in previous ones – that prevents us feeling the level of threat and vulnerability it perceived us to be facing.  This is dissociation.  It’s common and collective.  Another field of forgotten embodied resources are our archetypes; constellations of qualities, knowledge and skills that have often been communicated in stories and myth in human form, but also as totems or power animals, plants and planets.  My sense is that our inevitable journey is to bring planetary and plant archetypes and ways of attuning into human form. In this episode, I speak to this theme with a Grow Free Elder Lorna Bailey who is highly and deeply attuned and an embodied activator of many an archetype.  Having started her adult life living in an indigenous community in the United States, she is one of the most guided, surrendered and reverent people I know.  Her work over these recent years has been to receive and journey with a universal set of burden carriers and archetypes (they don't like this term but were happy to turn up for the conversation!). Lorna is developing this work into a package of resources, activations and retreats.  Lorna's events are listed in the Grow Free Community Platform .  Her Lotus Woman Retreat on Sunday July 9th and her Cygnus Moon Drumming Circle on June 25th in Aberdeenshire. Both are being held in Aberdeenshire, yet Lorna lives between here,  Kent and Suffolk and is working on offering much of this online too.  Find Lorna at and message her directly using the member search and chat function.  You can email at  You can also find her through and The Temple Room Whatsapp Group. Find me as usual at, facebook/growfreewithemmab and email at 

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