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Catching up on the wonderful Equinox talk with Davyd and Pam. I relocated from Silicon Valley based entirely on Astrocartography.....and a hint of wild Sag adventurer. Now I design microprocessors under the Oak tree by the stream with Elder bushes. Organic Tech!

So I thought of Yarrow-ing through a couple of data points on the Equinox cartography. In addition to the Aug 2017 Great American Eclipse, North America will have two more powerful eclipses in the next year - the annular solar eclipse on Oct 14 2023 going through the USA, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and into Brazil. The total solar eclipse on April 8 2024 will cross the continental USA yet again, coming in from Mexico into Texas all the way to Maine and SE Canada. By July '23 the nodes would have transitioned and both these eclipses will fall on the Aries-Libra axis. Notice that Texas is at the crosspoint of the two eclipse paths. I believe we are likely to see a rise in individualism and sovereignty, and Texas may very well be the staging area. They fall in the 4th (home) and 10th (public) house axis in USA's natal chart. Eclipse portals portend great shifts of energies and stay active for the next 6 months. May they bring many blessings to all.

Three Great American Eclipses (2017-2024)

Annular Solar Eclipse - October 14 2023

Total Solar Eclipse - April 8 2024

Global Future Eclipses


Eclipse Path of Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024 (

Future eclipses — Great American Eclipse


As an aside, I called home about Nettle in India and of course they knew of bichhu ghaas (lit. tr. Scorpion Grass) and mentioned that it grows in the mountains, all its benefits in saag as a dish and its particular name due to the sting.

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