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I just rewatched the live call for the second time. So much important stuff in there. I had to watch with a notebook the second time! I was sad that I could not attend in person and be in that community vibe. Thank you Davyd and Bella and all that contributed to the call with your experiences and wisdom.

Though I could not be there in presence, I had just a few connections and thoughts that were stand outs for me and maybe for others - just to share.

Davyd - thank you for mentioning "If you feel out of sorts, don't just chalk it up to having a bad day". That was a reminder I needed to hear.

Shirley's wisdom that is coming to her about the rooting in the elements and the elements helping us through. I strongly agree with this. It is sometimes not as easy to connect to the wind or the rain, for example, as it is to a plant or animal, but just as important as conduits of change and transformation. Thank you for that.

I also resonated with the discussion on disconnection.

Sandy's "I don't have anything in common with them anymore." and Davyd talking about how others have mentioned they "suddenly don't feel anything about that anymore"

I had a recent experience with a person whom I will first say has been a bit estranged anyway but we met for lunch to catch up and I remember leaving that lunch with such an empty feeling of having no common ground and that I just didn't want to reach out to keep that relationship going any more. In general, I have had a sensation of what I can best call "a curious watching' like I have no emotion about things. At first, I was thinking what is wrong with me? Am i depressed or apathetic? I don't think what is it? I am a Pisces and have lived through emotions in the past so it was good to hear that I was not alone. I agree Sandy that I am grateful that we have this community to share with.

I also loved Louise's dream! I will stand with you along with our Quantum Plant Healing community on your big day :)

Thank you also Davyd for the connections to Angelica and the Yew and the Star and Earth chakra connections. This was very helpful in preparing for the immersion. I am Eden Energy medicine trained and it made some quick connections for me that I can use during the immersion.

I am humming in anticipation of our beginning. See you all tomorrow!

12/12/22 Well now....


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