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I wanted to write and thank everyone for your kind comments and for witnessing. I had hoped to add a couple more comments that tie in nicely to The Goddess, and before. I don't follow the news from any mainstream sources. I listen to many viewpoints, and one of them is Sarah Westsall. During her podcast last weekend, a group called SoundHealthPortal was featured. Cool health tech using voice and frequency. Their website matches their name. Anyhoo, during the podcast, they talked about the nicotinamide. It was in passing on the show, but current for this tribe. Funny how tobacco and nicotine are front and center. Anyhoo, here is the product I use. Thorne is medical grade and I buy through their website. I recommend Collagen to anyone with body issues. Actually, everyone can use it to help the water in the body better communicate with itself. The other comment I wanted to make is one of the several things holding me back from starting the Rainbow Journey. I am not wanting to do it alone. I had hoped that Davyd would have talked more about a repeat session of Rainbow?? I also need to ground a bit more, so that I can focus. I have some missing understanding around the entanglement I am in with my son, but it seems to be revealing itself. Lol. My guess is that it will be on this upcoming annular eclipse, which is conjunct my south node at 27 degrees Libra, with a super finale of ? on the October 28th lunar eclipse at 5 Taurus. This will be almost exact with my natal Sedna and Black Moon Lilith who are exact at 4 degrees Taurus. I am not a huge fan of surprises, but I think some pushes are coming. My helmet is securely fastened, as it appears rattling is how the Universe likes to get my attention. Which is fine. Can't shake it much looser, at the moment. Much love to all.

Davyd Farrell
Gaynor and Sadie


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