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Hello everyone.

Something drew me to this book (Magenta Pixie is a frequent co-presenter with Pam Gregory), I felt I absolutely had to read it. I was right. Such synchronous timing, with what I’ve been experiencing and what new is coming through, not least massive extra dimensional interactions with various beings - which is something new for me!

I read it from cover to cover in three days, made copious notes, performed the activations and am now rereading it. If you feel like the need to make sense of the changes we’re all experiencing, this book helped me so much - not least to provide reassurance that what I’ve been experiencing is real, that I’ve not gone mad and I’m not alone in this. Because sometimes it feels like I am.

Ye Gods, these last few months since I joined the QPH world on my first Immersion, the Rainbow Bridge, have been an ever increasing rollercoaster of a ride! Wonderful and truly magical revelations coming through on an almost daily basis🤩😍

Bring it on!

Liyanne (she/her)
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