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I’ve just watched the replay from the live QPH call 8th Dec, so very encouraging. Thank you Davyd, Bella and everyone who attended 🙏

#Yewnique is the word I was given while sitting with the Laurel Bank park Yew tree here in Toowoomba, while I was making the Yew mother plant essence.

#Yewbiquitous is the space I have been holding for the QPH group consciousness leading us up to tomorrow -13th December, the Yew beginning…

Just sharing a little of my own Yarrow experience even thought I was'nt in that group;

I had a kinesiology session two weeks ago where my paternal grandfather came in (he had passed away years before i was born) so I could clear his heart field in relation to his wife and heart broken patterns (my paternal grand mother). Also clearing some Heart chakra aspects for myself similtaneously. Such powerful clearing opportunities supporting us.

I love the visual Davyd of clearing the lines along the Yarrow plant leaves.

I resonate with the ancestry clearing seven generations past and future.

I liase with my Yarrow plants daily and I have been using Yarrow tea a lot for the past few months along with Horsetail.

Blessings Janelle 🌿💧🎄

Sam Voyager
Jane GW
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