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If you don't like poetry, you may want to skip this one.

I have just watched a very poignant video on UKColumn Extra. To the accompaniment of the song 'Sound of Silence', it shows image after image of what has been done to humanity in the past 3 years. It has moved me, on this powerful new moon, to share a poem I wrote decades ago. The fire in my belly when I wrote it returned full throttle on 23, March, 2020, and has not left me since.


Freedom desires nothing

Holds on to nothing, lacks nothing.

An inner force of Nature

It simply IS.

It does not make bedfellows of condition or compromise.

It does not comply with the fearful.

It cannot be gifted

Because it is free;

It cannot be earned

Because it is free;

It cannot be coaxed or captured,

Only surrendered.

Life's soulprint, untamed,

It moves in the prairie winds, the thunder-roll,

the solitary, soaring eagle,

Yet is as close as an indrawn breath.

The pattern of its weaving through the heart

Inspires without agenda,

Directs without force,

Demands, without asking,

An end to The Bargain,

Thus to give without wanting

Love without reserve

Live without permission

On wings of honour


Freedom lives

Where it is lived.

This is a short one to go with it, for this particular new moon and the new Earth.


Forged in spirit fire

New strand in the Great Web


Imbued with the Mystery

Spinning the forces it needs

Into being.


Committed to its origin

Travelling creation

Consummately choreographing circumstantial steps

Carrying its mission

To completion.

New Moon blessings to everyone 💕

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