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I'm having an exercise in what I think is humility. Overview, I managed to let my driving license expire. The rules in my state are that if it is expired for more than a year you have to go directly back to start. I had to do a written test and passed. I had to pay for a learning permit, ok. My state motor vehicle department no longer employs driving examiners. The local independent schools do the driving tests. I failed my driving test after driving rather successfully for the last 40 ish years. I'm rescheduled for tomorrow. The failure was on technicalities. The examiner said that I was a very safe driver, but.... For me the worse part was that he listed my failures in a very public place. I haven't done the dandelion immersion but I've been drinking dandelion tea for the past 2 weeks. I'm just trying to work through the emotional crude. Thanks for reading. I appreciate any constructive comments on the processing of these emotions.

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