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Hi everyone. I am studying Bryophytes and Lichens at present. Bryophytes are Liverworts, Mosses and Hornworts. They are probably the least known about and most ecologically important of the land plants. They have been around for longer than any other land plant (except algae which isn't strictly a plant in my book). They are non-vascular and reproduce sexually releasing spores rather than seeds. I wanted to share some pictures of their birthing processes. So small they go unnoticed most of the time and I think they deserve to be in the limelight, even though that's not in their nature.

Liverworts birthing......

The bottom left picture is Grove earwort. The brown dots are actually products of asexual reproduction (little clones), but I still think they deserve to be on show. If you're in a moist swampy place or a riverbank have a look under your feet. These guys are everywhere, I would be so interested to hear if you connect with them and what gifts they offer you.

Moss birthing.....

And finally, the lichens. Lichens are not a plant but a symbiosis between a fungi and algae and/or cyanobacteria. A bit like corals of the land, the fungi provides habitat, protection and structure while the other organisms photosynthesise and provide energy to the organism. The following pictures are fruiting bodies of various lichens. Again products of sexual reproduction which produce spores...

If you have got to the bottom of this post then thank you for sharing my passion for these unseen kingdoms. Do let me know if you are interested in learning more and I will continue to post up pics and info. 7

Betsy Barnum
Becca, LightMySoul London
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