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Tue, Dec 12


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'The Return of the Light' - A Journey to Solstice/Yule and Beyond

A 13-day adventure to higher dimensional connectedness, magic, and manifestation!

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'The Return of the Light' - A Journey to Solstice/Yule and Beyond
'The Return of the Light' - A Journey to Solstice/Yule and Beyond


Dec 12, 2023, 12:00 AM CST – Dec 23, 2023, 11:50 PM CST

All Content Hosted in The Attached Group


About the event

Working with Mayan Magic, Astrology, Cosmic Soul DNA, Geomancy, The Sword of Light, and Quantum Plant Intelligence this journey will commence on the powerful New Moon on the 12th of December, which coincides with the beginning of the  Mayan Wave Spell of the Red Skywalker, and carries the energy of 13 and the Goddess. We will be weaving and working with all of these energies, to create an uplifting Goddess-infused journey to Solstice/Yule and the still-point of the year when we can plant a powerful New Earth seed for ourselves during ‘3 days of darkness’ before The Return of the Light on the 24th, the final day of the wave-spell.

Mayan time technology is a powerful tool with which we can navigate our lives in a more present way, and create containers for ourselves to experience a multitude of profound realizations about our multi-dimensional selves and reality itself.

The Red Skywalker glyph is about connecting heaven and earth - 5D to 3D and creating a new reality from a higher perspective or vibration.

This glyph carries the energy of; the Time-space traveler, an Angelic messenger, new directions, courage, an explorer, the pillars of heaven, and coming back to balance

This wave-spell will almost be exactly bookended by the New Moon in Sagittarius and the Full Moon in Cancer giving us yet another powerful time to set an intention and work with the energy of the womb.

Through recorded transmissions and live calls, the QPH team will guide you through a day-by-day process to set yourself up for a powerful Yule, Return of the Light, and Full Moon during this Festive period.

Calling in the energies of the Great Mother Spider and the 3 Norns who sit at the base of Yggdrasil and weave time, and the cosmic codes of the Stellar Nations each and every one of us can start to weave the threads of the future that we all want for ourselves. Truly a New Earth timeline now awaits those who wish to step on and if they want, they can become the progenitors of their own destiny.

Calling on the energy of the Goddess to bring 5th-dimensional awareness and unconditional love, along with abundance and creativity through a  variety of appropriate aspects of her essence to add another layer to the weave of the container.

The Tree of Eternity, the Yew will be called into the container along with the 2 kings - The Holly and The Oak whose exchange of duties will also take place and be observed on the day of Solstice. Along with other plants like Mistletoe and Ivy, the plants of Winter and Yule will be to the fore to share their wisdom, healing, and stories.

The Mighty Mullein - Sword of Light will be the totem plant helping to hold the container as his flaming rod pierces the darkness of Winter, and holds the light high above us into our Crown and Soul Star chakras, always reminding us of our higher selves and connection to divinity.

All of these beings, energies, and threads will be skilfully woven into a journey that opens the door for a new year and a New Earth. This is our time to open our hearts fully, connect with the Goddess, and dream big, gifting ourselves the best present we could ever wish for.

This journey will feature transmissions from;

  • Bella Alvaran, Mayan Dream Weaver and Co-Founder of QPH & QPW
  • Davyd Farrell, Quantum Plant Alchemist and Co-Founder of QPH & QPW
  • Leslie Shankman, Stellar Nations Narrator and Guide
  • Pete Jackson-Main, Herbalist & Iridologist
  • Kirsty Lewis, Kundalini Yoga Instructor
  • Rebecca O’Reilly, Nutritionist

On the journey you will;

  • Work with the energy of the Red Skywalker wave-spell
  • Harmonise the energies of the Goddess within you
  • Track and work with the astrology of the period - powerful New Moon intention setting and Full Moon manifestation
  • Work with seasonal trees and plants
  • Hear mythological and fairy stories connected to this time of year
  • Decode the true meanings of Yule and Christmas
  • Begin to weave the threads and tapestry of your New Earth Vision for 2024
  • Witness the handover of the Kings of Winter and Summer - The Holy and the Oak
  • Fire up your sword of light and connect to your Higher Selves and Great Spirit through your central channel and upper chakras
  • Enter the void/womb space and  plant your Solstice/Yule seed of intention in the 3 days of darkness between Yule and Xmas (The Return of the Light)
  • Celebrate the Return of the Light and Full Moon in Cancer

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