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Wed, Aug 30


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The Return of The Goddess

A 13-day Mayan Dream Spell to reconnect with your divine blueprint.

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The Return of The Goddess
The Return of The Goddess


Aug 30, 2023, 12:00 PM CST – Sep 11, 2023, 12:00 PM CST

Online Group - Accessed via the groups tab


About the event

Combining; Plant Medicines, Mayan Time Magic, Astrology, and the Quantum Consciousness of Water we will actively work to cleanse our own internal waters and those of Mother Earth. Watch this video for more info:

Once those waters are clean and clear we will then be able to call back The Goddess fully to our own lives and soul journey and assist in the collective recall of the Divine Feminine energies back into this realm.

In doing so we can re-activate the original template and New Earth reality both within ourselves and at the collective level.

This Journey to call forth the Return of the Goddess will take place over the 13-day Mayan dream spell of the Red Magnetic Moon which has the energy of purification and attracting the flow of the purest consciousness into our lives.

In the Dreamspell transcreation, the solar seal of “Moon” is inspired by the Mayan glyph of “Muluk’” (Muluc), which signifies “Water, Jade, Offering, Water Animals” and it was associated with the color “Red”.

In the Dreamspell, the Red Moon is the Solar Seal number 9, which is exactly associated with “Water” and the color “Red”, being part of the “Red Root Race” of the “Spiritual Initiators”. The Red Moon has the action of “Purification”, the essence of “Flow” and the “Power of Universal Water”.

The Red Moon Wavespell relates to the Sacred Feminine because of the universal ancient memory of the Moon Goddess, which was known as Ix Chel by the Ancient Maya. The Moon seal also contains feminine attributes such as the Primordial Waters, the Sacred Womb Waters, and the Feminine Period Flow. The Power of Universal Water assists us in the process of releasing old karma through the purification and redemption of our ancestral line. This spiritual ability is part of the mystery of the Second Creation, in order to release the karmic weight and evolve towards the higher dimensions of Being.

Ix Chel will be the overarching Goddess energy of the container for this dream spell but we will also be actively calling on other Goddess energy including; Ceres, Freya, Magdalena, Iris, Tara, Artemis, Parvati, Isis, Sekhmet, Vesta, Sedna, Salacia and Haumea - one for each day of the dream spell and the journey.

During these 13 days, there are also very powerful astrological portals and alignments to work with including;

- The Full Moon @ 7 Pisces conjunct Saturn on Day 1 - August 30th

- A Black Moon Lilith flash portal day - September 2nd

- Venus going Direct whilst squaring Jupiter - September 3rd

- A Mercury Cazimi in Virgo - September 6th

+ plus many other interesting and relevant transits

We will be looking at the effect and energy of the Goddess in the astrology too during this period to see how she can be more fully realized within our own life path and divine blueprint.

There will be a number of high vibrational plants called in too, to assist in the raising of our own energies and to help create space for the Goddess to be fully received within us. For us to be able to do this we need to ensure our inner waters are clean and purified. The Goddess likes to poke around before committing herself and she will want to see that we have done our inner and shadow work fully and completely.

Through participating in this dream spell you will be able to;

- Balance your own inner divine feminine and sacred masculine energies - regardless of whether you are male or female in this incarnation

- Cleanse your inner waters and create a clean vessel - becoming the hollow bone

- Invite the Goddess back fully into yourself and your life

- Remember what it's like to live in a world where the pre-eminent frequency is unconditional love and creativity

- Reconnect to your own divine blueprint for yourself and step into your multi-dimensional Being

* There are no prerequisites to do this journey but we strongly advise in order to get the best out of this 13-day process that you have done either The Quantum Plant Upgrade or The Rainbow Bridge prior to taking part. The Quest to the Quantum Heart is also advisable but due to the pilgrimage nature of this Quest, it can also be done simultaneously with The Return of the Goddess.

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  • The Return of The Goddess

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