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Wed, Feb 28



The Great Oak Immersion

The Great Oak Immersion
The Great Oak Immersion


Feb 28, 2024, 12:00 AM CST – Mar 13, 2024, 12:00 AM CST



About the event

This global plant immersion will work with the prevalent astrology of the moment and a 13-day Mayan Wave Spell this time working with the energy of the Magnetic Blue Monkey.

The Oak tree is a living embodiment of strength and natural kingship. Possibly one of the most storied trees of all, it has long connected with humans dating back millennia. This wise old being has long been recognized by many different cultures, not least of all the Druids whose very name derives from a Sanskrit word and may have originally meant 'Wise One of the Oakwoods' or person with ‘Knowledge of the Oak'

In some mythology, the Oak is considered the King of Summer and has just recently had his annual ascent to the throne, at the Winter Solstice. His energy will now continue to expand and rise until the Summer Solstice. The Druids were a very Solar order and the Oak is a very solar tree.

Another aspect of the Sanskrit word for Oak ‘Duir’ relates it to the word door and this tree is often referred to as the 'Tree of the 3 Doors'; its roots deep into the lower world, its trunk holding space here in the Middle World and its branches reaching high to connect us like an antennae to the upper worlds and our off-planet ancestors and cousins.

At this time of great uncertainty, the Oak shows us the true meaning of both Kingship and sovereignty and how we can hold a space for ourselves and know that ‘I am enough'

With a powerful eclipse approaching in April and many other big energetic transitions on the near horizon, the Oak has stepped forward to assist us all in the process of holding space, one of its great qualities.

The combination of Quantum plant intelligence, the Mayan Wave Spell, and working with astrology in a sacred container space is a very powerful culmination of 3 different wisdom pathways that will allow you to;

  • Connect to the quantum intelligence of Oak
  • Learn more about the  healing herbal qualities of this tree
  • Combine this plant medicine with Mayan magic for self-realization
  • Integrate Oak energy into Kundalini yoga
  • Make your Oak essence so that you can work with it yourself at any time
  • Work with astrology and plant medicine for powerful self-healing and manifestation
  • Learn about and integrate the astrological connections and correspondences of Oak
  • Realize the true nature of sovereignty and set yourself free with connection to your higher mind
  • Reinforce and strengthen your space
  • Become like the Tree of Life like the Oak holds the energetic qualities of this
  • Work with the Mayan Wave Spell of the Blue Monkey for healing and seeing the true magic of yourself and the world which we all share
  • Step into your multi-dimensional self through accessing the ‘3 Doors'
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