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The Rainbow Bridge Journey


A 13-day shamanic ceremonial journey of clearing, soul retrieval, and reversal of medication and injection toxins and effects. During these 13 days you will; -Work on any remaining shadow you may have -Cleanse the body and energy field of unhelpful parasitic attachments and energies -Detox heavy metals, graphene, and injection toxins from the body and energy field -Remove any old ancestral and karmic patterns and contracts -Work on any core wounds that remain -Repair any incoherent or corrupted DNA you may have -Activate your DNA fully, connecting you to your cosmic self -If necessary reverse any permissions given for experimental injections and do the Medication Reversal Process (MRP) that undoes all the inverted energy and side-effects at the energy body level. -Learn how to rebuild, repair realign and direct your energy body consciously to maintain a more constant high vibration -Journey to call back any soul fragments that you may have lost -Elevate your immune system by working with powerful plants -Learn how to take others through an MRP process Once purchased, this content can be accessed through this course or the attached RBJ group where you can share your thoughts and experiences while doing the journey!



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The Rainbow Bridge Journey

The Rainbow Bridge Journey

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