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The Global Artemisias Immersion

Join Davyd in his next exclusive immersion featuring Artemisias! This immersion features a series of workshops, talks, and discussions that will enable you to start connecting to the Quantum Plant Intelligence of Artemisias!


Dandelion came to ground us, center us, and help us to always be present. When we are always in the present moment we have the capacity and awareness to perceive many things, including how we use ’time’ and also what happens when we open our hearts to trust. He also helped us to see how cleansing of the liver can help support the Royal Noble Heart which is really our 3D conduit to 5D awareness of unconditional love. This was all done during the Leo period.

Now, The Artemisias are stepping up to help us with many things. 


These are some of the most powerful and transformational plants I have ever worked with, and can testify to their ability to help us;

- free ourselves of parasitic beings and energies

- open our 3rd eye fully so that we are really able to ’see’ clearly what is going on around us and in our world

- explore our shadow and bring it into the light. The New Earth frequency doesn’t allow for shadow so if we wish to be on that timeline we really need to address this and asap.

- become realigned - physically and spiritually to our highest calling

- to see how they are a truly global and yet culturally diverse plant family, and how we too can be the same


Through a series of transmissions and instructions from different teachers, we will show how we can both work with these plants as medicines in the body and also at the spiritual level.

This new Artemisias Immersion will be launched publicly on the Virgo New Moon on the 27th of August. This is the perfect day as part of the Virgo energy is about healing and plant medicine and we are setting a powerful intention with this Global Immersion to help cleanse the planet and us humans of many unhelpful parasitic energies and help us all align to our highest purposes.

It will also run a new type of energy. We will be working with a 13-day Mayan wave spell which will help harness the energies of this powerful time within the container of the Immersion. Each day will also be dedicated to a different species of Artemisias.


Please watch this introduction to the Plant Immersions for more information:

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Artemisias Immersion



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Access to the Artemisias Immersion

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